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Essert air preheater / heat exchanger


Essert air preheater / heat exchanger

We offer air preheaters as plain tube or finned tube heat exchangers.

Air preheaters can, for example, be used as combustion air preheaters for steam boilers. Here the hot exhaust gas from a natural gas or light oil firing system is usually cooled with ambient air using the cross-countercurrent principle. The ambient air preheated in the air preheater improves the combustion process and thus achieves fuel savings.

Another type of combustion air preheating is steam-heated air preheaters. Here steam is used as an energy source to preheat air. These air preheaters are built in finned tube design.  

Industrial furnaces with high exhaust gas temperatures, which often escape unused into the atmosphere, offer a further possibility for air preheaters. Ambient air can be preheated here for drying purposes, for example. For two gaseous media we use smooth tubes as transfer surfaces.

Air preheaters not only offer the possibility of saving primary energy but also protect the environment by reducing emissions.

All air preheaters are designed and built by us to meet the individual customer requirements.

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