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Flue gas - air preheater for Hawaii



Replacement of a flue gas air preheater for a biomass cogeneration plant on Kauai

The previous heat exchanger is corroded due to falling below the dew point and had to be replaced.

The design of the flue gas air preheater was revised by us because of the dew point problem. The subsequent production of the heat exchanger took 12 weeks. The flue gas air preheater was then transported to the port of Hamburg by means of a low-loader truck, where it was packed seaworthy by a specialist company. The shipment took place according to schedule and the heat exchanger arrived at the Pacific port of destination after 10 weeks. The installation was carried out by a US company which was directly commissioned by the power plant operator.

Exhaust-water preheater for biomass cogeneration plant


 Old and residual wood is burned in a biomass cogeneration plant. The combustion takes place in a stationary fluidised bed boiler. Due to the intended use of the energy of the exhaust gas flow after the filter, an additional exhaust gas heat exchanger should be installed as heat recovery. On the water side, the exhaust gas heat exchanger should be operated with district heating water.

For this case of need we supplied a finned tube heat exchanger and newly designed exhaust gas ducts, as well as a corresponding galvanized steel construction to accommodate the heat exchanger. In a planned 2-week plant shutdown, the components were delivered and assembled by us by truck.

Heat recovery capacity through the new finned tube heat exchanger: approx. 1.0 MW/h

Gas preheater for energy suppliers



Supply of 3 steam exhaust gas preheater modules for installation in an existing steel housing for an energy supplier in Eastern Germany.

Flue gas condenser for butchery



Replacement of a flue gas condenser after over 30 years

In 1984, a flue gas condenser made of stainless steel was manufactured and supplied by the Osnabr├╝ck-based steam boiler construction company JUMEY.

After the Economiser, which we also supplied, had already been replaced in 2010, it was now the turn of dismantling the old and installing the new flue gas condenser. Due to the fuel savings by means of the Economiser and flue gas condenser, with condensing technology, the steam boiler reaches an efficiency of over 100%.

For further information on the use of flue gas condensers please click here or contact us directly.

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